Who We Are

Smith Media Company is all about providing quality and memorable moments. It is our goal to provide one-of-a-kind entertainment and media services to each one of our valued clients.

Cordney “DJ Cord_Neyo” Smith

Owner/Operator/DJ/Media Specialist, etc.

Mr. Do It All, clients will find DJ Cord_Neyo on the 1s and 2s, behind the lenses, editing content, managing accounting functions, etc. He is a very hands-on owner so don’t be surprised if you see him at your event providing services!

Michelle Smith

Marketing/Sales Manager

The sweet spot of the company with her amazing customer relations and communication skills. Michelle is the voice of the organization and responsible for branding, promotions, sales, and customer service. She looks forward to interacting with clients and ensuring that their needs are exceeded.

Adam Morris

Event Coordinator

With his amazing creativity, people skills and professionalism, you can expect to see Adam, running the show keeping things in order in the back office as well as the front office.

Clarence Hodrick

Director of Photography/Videography

Top tier visionary of photography and videography, known for capturing the most memorable moments.


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